git April 2021 – SmartPolymorph

Publication 18

Influence of changes in molecular conformation on the formation and stability of polymorphic forms

Publication 17

Advances in understanding of polymorphism from a structural point of view: new technologies for controlling polymorphic forms

Publication 16

Analysis of all polymorphic compounds from the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) and demonstration of polymorphism variations

Publication 15

The effect of the solvent on the formation of polymorphic forms of pharmaceutical ingredients

Publication 14

Discovery of new polymorphic forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Publication 13

Technologies for the intensification of the process of obtaining medical substances and polymorphic control in the continuous production of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Publication 12

Review of publications investigating and using the phenomenon of polymorphism

Publication 11

Investigation of polymorphic behavior in pharmaceutical development: solvatomorphism and its thermodynamic and structural origin

Publication 8

Review of progress in the field of polymorphism as an additional functionality of materials and prospects for its technological applications