git May 2021 – SmartPolymorph


Polymorphism of Drugs and the Problem of Creation of a New Generation of Pharmacological Agents

  1. The strategy of the search and development of new stereoselective drugs
  2. History of the development of the concept of polymorphism of chemical materials
  3. Stabilization of nonequilibrium conformers of an organic material in solutiondue to their association and subsequent solvation
  4. The investigation of the structure of polymorphous forms of 6-methyluracil by methods of quantum chemistry and molecular mechanics
  5. Physicochemical aspects of obtaining polymorphous modifications of drugs
  6. Granulometric composition and biononequivalence of barbital
  7. The investigation of diffusion properties of solutions of polymorphous modifications of 6-methyluracil
  8. Physicochemical properties of leocaine and features of its biological activity in a comparative aspect with dicain
  9. Pharmacodynamic characteristics of tetracaine and its metastable β-modification, leocaine, as agents of local anesthesia in ophthalmology
  10. A comparative study of leocaine and tetracaine as spinal anesthetics
  11. The effect of leocaine on excitability of the mycardium, exchange of ions, and membrane potentials of cardiomyocytes
  12. Structural features, physicochemical properties, and biological activity of betamecil on a comparative plane with methyluracil
  13. Features of molecular mechanisms of the biological activity of betamecil and methyluracil
  14. Betamecil as a stimulator of reparative regeneration of the cornea of the eye
  15. The effect of betamecil on the course of tuberculosis and sarcoidosis (experimental investigation)
  16. The effect of betamecil and methyluracil on dimensions of necrosis zones and reparative processes during an experimental infarct of the myocardium
  17. System of quick methods of integral evaluation of the biological activity of individual materials and complex preparations on biological objects
  18. Dry plant extracts – new technology, new quality
  19. Analysis and standardization of drugs, obtained by the method of polymorphous modification
  20. The problem of patent protection of individual polymorphous modifications of drugs
  21. The role of economic factors in the creation of new drugs

Publication 19

We believe that due to this slight nonplanar structure of ligand and presence of more number of C-H⋯O interactions in C2 (conformational polymorph of Cu(II) with 1,2,4-triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine), than that of C1, is the reason behind its more antioxidant activity compared to C1.