git Product – SmartPolymorph


Compound C

Compound B

Compound A

Compound Z

Compound Y

Compound X


Three new substances were obtained: two new metastable modifications and solvate with DMSO

Increased solubility by 3-5 times

Specific activity in inhibiting Xa factor increased by 2-3 times



The dose in final formulation is reduced by 5 times: 10% to 2% ointment.

Reduced wound healing time.

No toxic effects.

New nosologies – a stimulator of reparative regeneration in ulcerative and wound injuries of the skin and mucous membranes of various localization.

Included in the supply guidelines for the Russian army.


The analgesic activity of 0.3% solution is equal to 1% solution of tetracaine.

Compared with tetracaine, the toxic and irritating effect as well as negative effect on the course of local pathological processes are less pronounced.

Terminal anesthesia in endoscopic studies and for anesthesia during short-term operations and manipulations in dental, otorhinolaryngological, urological, gynecological practice.

Advanced nosology.

Included in the supply guidelines for the Russian army.